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Welcome to HSES by biomm.pl

High Sea Environmental Services [HSES] web page is owned by biomm.pl company. Polish based firm specialized in environmental research and monitoring. We do provide high quality environmental services for scientific, research as well as industry clients.

Looking for experienced, well trained and scientific driven team to work on your project? Contact us - we will help you with our knowledge, experience, good practice rules and equipment.

Harsh conditions? Far away from home? No phones neither TV nor Internet? IT IS our environment :) Take a chance to put your required environmental tasks onto professional level. Let us know your project - we will support it with methods and procedures required and people to make work done!

MMO, MMSO, PAM, aerial, oceanographic, seismic, terrestrial or space surveys? All is possible (well... except for space one probably) just send us information about!

About us

Michal Malinga (PhD) - CO of biomm.pl company - works as academic lecturer, researcher and for many years as freelence marine ecologist. Specialized in marine mammals and seabirds biology and ecology (MSc - Harbour porpoise / Baltic Sea; PhD - Glaucous gull / Arctic) he also graduated in applied geophysics (marine seismic). Since 1991 he works as professional MMO / MMSO mainly in Arctic area. In 2016 he joined national pilot monitoring project as marine mammals expert.

All members of HSES Team reach PhD level in biology / marine ecology (in specialization of terrestrial ecology, ornithology, chiropterology etc) and presents excellent academic, research and consultant experience. Running research project both in the field as well as in laboratory we do understand importance of professional collection of data / samples as well as maintenance and laboratory treatment and safety procedures. We also provide services in data mining and statistical analyses.

Our Services

MMO / MMSO/ MM Monitoring

For over 20 years (since 1991) all kind of surveys were complited by our team. Scientific, research, seismic (2D, 3D, Ocean Bottom, Vertical Profiling etc). We focused on Arctic and North Atlantic so, YES we are ready for challenges... We have worked for national and international research institutions as well as governmental agencies. We are open to provide detailed methods and protocols. Monitoring of marine mammals populations is one of our priorities as well - yes, we can!

Field Research and Lab support

Wide range of methods and sampling techniques from ocean bottom sampling, plankton, microplastics, tissue and hard samples for ecotoxicology (heavy metals, PCBs), samples for molecular research (PCR and rPCR) and much more - do not hesitate to ask for field and lab support. We CAN help you both in the field and inside high tech equipped laboratory. Need more?? We could take care of your data and provide statistical analyses...

Impact Assessment Projects

Long years of research and scientific multidisciplinary cooperation helped us to gain highly skilled team, experienced in Impact Assessment Projects. Whenever it is on-shore or off-shore wind farm, bridge, higway - birds, bats, mammals - we do take care of your investment.

Equipment offer

Our company [biomm.pl] is an authorized reseller of equipment from Hydrobios, KC-Denmark, Wildlife Acoustics and many more.

Interested in limnological, oceanographic equipment (dredges, plankton nets etc) or bat detectors, wildlife recorders, underwater noise recorders or marine mammals monitoring - please send us e-mail.

We do guarantee professional level of services.


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Damroki 12/18 Str;

81-572 Gdynia, POLAND

EU-VAT: PL 5860166056

Contact details

e-mail: office [at] biomm.pl

phone: +48 58 3508866

In case of urgent requests please send us you phone number with short information

We will contact you ASAP

web: www.hses.eu

company web: www.biomm.pl